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Tools for Successful Fine Artists

The Artist Success Kit helps fine artists market, manage and organize their fine art business.


“The Artist Success Kit is clear and simple to use and will save hours of my time” —Louise Rhoades, Grove City, FL




Do You Need the Artist Success Kit?

YES! You know how tough it is to succeed as an artist. It’s not enough to be talented and creative. You can’t afford to sit around waiting to be discovered. Don’t let the chance for success pass you by when the tools you need are so close.

With the Artist Success Kit, you will be able to create a professional record-keeping system, define your goals and learn how to achieve them. Learn about marketing your work, and what it takes to be successful as a fine artist selling your work in today's economy.

You can attain the level of success you desire. But first — you must take your art seriously with an organized and professional approach.

Check out the links to the left to learn more about the contents of the Artist Success Kit; everything you need to know about marketing your art, easy record deeping and professional development.

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